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Press play to find out the plan to hear my accomplishments for  district 7

Currently and constantly working for District 7

  • Continue the revitalization within our neighborhoods.

  • Continue to address the drainage needs that exist in our district

  • Support the future development of the SPORTSPLEX coming to McFarland Mall location and demolishment of previous structure.

  • Continue to pursue community input of activities and sports desired for Sportsplex

  • Continue to address needs as soon as advised from constituents and business’ within our District on issues.

  • A police substation to further reduce crime.

  • Continue to pursue a new fire station that is scheduled for 2021-2022

  • Complete the projects awaiting funding as:  Skyranch Drainage Project

  • Create a Skyland Streetscape Improvement.

  • Supports incentives to upgrade existing businesses as well as create opportunities to bring new business.

  • Pursue support with collaborated governments to address the county islands within the city.

  • Continue to address paving needs within our district

  • Continue to upgrade street lights within the neighborhoods

Projects Funded Completed/Under construction:

  • James Harrison Parkway- $3,170,345

  • Skyland Bus Route-$165,00

  • Lateral Program = $300,000

  • Cypress Creek Sidewalk Project = $1, 669,353.00

  • 55th Street Drainage Project-$125,000

  • 39th Street Sewer Improvement-$2,000,000

  • Highland Oaks Sewer Improvement = $1,526,427.97

  • Greensboro Drainage = $2,182,000